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(Nelumbo) Water Lotus :

If the emerged waterproof lily pads aren't cool enough, then the mere size of the plant should impress you. Out of all the different categories of pond plants, lotus provide the most shade coverage.

Lotus plants require potting

We sell the tubers and they come with specific planting instructions. In order to winter these plants over you will need to plant them in the spring, no later than mid-June..

We do not sell plant containers big enough to hold the lotus plant, they require a minimum container that is at least 15 inches in diameter. Our 2 gallon water lily containers are 10 inches in diameter.

Waterproof Lotus Pads

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2 Gallon Pot               The red blossoms of this lotus have a slight fragrance. The leaves are about 20" across and grow 3 to 5 out of the water. Use a large pot for the lotus.

Price: $40.00

Chawan Basu

2 Gallon Pot               This is a semi-dwarf lotus that is very free flowering. The creamy white blossoms are edged in pink. A very showy lotus that grows 2' to 3' tall.

Price: $40.00

Giant Sunburst

Lead Weight               This large yellow lotus features creamy yellow flowers towering above large waxy-green foliage. Very free flowering. Height is 4' to 6'.

Price: $40.00

Momo Botan

12-count Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer               One of the best blooming lotuses. The flowers are double pink. Leaves are about 12" and stand about 2' high. Flowers stay open later in the day and it has a long blooming season.

Price: $40.00

Mrs. Perry D. Slocum

              A very fragrant lotus with large double blossoms that open deep pink, change to pink & yellow the second day and creamy yellow on the third day. Stands 4' to 5' tall.

Price: $40.00

Red Scarf

              This lotus is a very good bloomer. The flowers are about 6" across and the leaves are 10" to 12". It is very free flowering and should produce blooms the first season.

Price: $40.00

Spring Bird

              This is a small white lotus with double blossoms. It is a good bloomer and will give you plenty of flowers throughout the season.

Price: $40.00


              The fragrant white blossoms grow about 18" to 24" tall. It is a very free blooming plant once it gets established. Flowers are about 7" across and the leaves are 12" to 14".

Price: $40.00

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