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Shelf plants require potting

Shelf plants, also known as bog plants and marginal plants, come with starter pots. These plants will need repotted in a one or two gallon pot. We sell pots for plants, fertilzer, and we ship planting instrustions alongside your order.

Best for the perimeter of the pond

Bog plants are shelf plants that can grow outside of the pond. They naturally grow in swamp and marsh areas. The top of the roots should be planted near the water surface, no deeper then one foot. Props can be used to raise the container if needed.

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2 Gallon Pot

1 Gallon Plant Container for Shelf Plants

We recommend using the one gallon planting container for all hardy shelf plants. Fill with top soil, and add a thin layer of gravel to the top to anchor the soil. We also suggest that fertilizer be used, 1-2 tablets per container. (8" in diameter x 6" in height)

Price: $1.95

Blue Bells

Delightful pale blue trumpet-shaped summer flowers. It has dark purple-green foliage that contrasts nicely. Grows to 24" high. A vigorous grower.

Instore Price: $12.00
Online Price: $9.00

Bog Lily

Enjoy white flowers on and off throughout the spring and summer months. The flower is very fragrant and the plant grows to about 24" high.

Instore Price: $12.00
Online Price: $9.00

Red Bog Lily

A new plant featuring burgundy, lance-shaped leaves standing 18" to 24" high. Pastel pink flowers spread to 6". The striking foliage and flowers will be a great addition to any water garden.

Instore Price: $15.00
Online Price: $12.00

Red Night Blooming Hibiscus

This is a night blooming variety with deep red flowers. The leaves are also very attractive. They are deep red with jagged edges. Grows to 6' tall.

Instore Price: $12.00
Online Price: $9.00

Red Water Hibiscus

This is a red variety with deep crimson flowers 5" - 8", among the reddest in the plant kingdom. Over winters well with heavy mulch or indoors.

Instore Price: $12.00
Online Price: $9.00

Society Garlic

Violet-pink flowers will bloom from spring to fall, and is shade tolerant. The edible, strap-like garlic looking leaves also smell like garlic. Society Garlic is a nice full looking plant.

Instore Price: $12.00
Online Price: $9.00

Spider Lily

This plant has white spring and summer flowers and grows about 2' tall. The leaves are strap-like. It can be easily wintered as a houseplant.

Instore Price: $12.00
Online Price: $9.00

Variegated Spider Lily

This plant has beautiful green and white striped leaves. The flowers look like the blooms on the regular spider lily except the stamens are orange instead of yellow. Grows to about 18".

Instore Price: $12.00
Online Price: $9.00

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